Granville Elementary Fall 2023 ~ Preparing the garden for winter rest.

One of the cornerstones of The Highlands Center for Natural History is inviting youth to discover the mysteries of the animals, plants and lands of the Central Highlands. Oftentimes this inspires a personal connection, as learning is simultaneously happening through outdoor experiences and journaling.

The Highlands Center Youth Education and School Programs are a special point of pride! These include the schoolyard habitat program, customized school programs, field-trips, family programs (such as Discovery Saturdays), and year-round camps. Additional volunteers are needed and welcomed all around! Please contact The Highlands Center volunteer coordinator if you would like to learn more.

The customized schoolyard habitat rejuvenation program we are piloting at Granville Elementary has been an enormous success and we are committed to learning our way as we continue to develop and adapt the program. The vision is for this habitat rejuvenation program to be expanded into other schools in Prescott and Humboldt Unified school districts. One of the students Fall 2023 pride points was the new education path they built, to support up-close nature observations, and habitat access to everyone!

Check-out the Fall 2023 Highlights Video! A HUGE thank you to those who gave your time and talent for the benefit of the student’s personal experience, education, and stewardship advancements!! (For Master Naturalists, yes, these volunteer hours count towards your 2024 service hours!)

The Chapter Work Day was a lot of hard work, fun, and fulfilling!

Vision forward for Granville Elementary, the 2024 Spring 6 week session is upon us. Fridays from April 5 – May 10. Grades K-6. 8:30am – 3:15pm. Students will be involved in continued restoration, outdoor lessons, and experience nature journaling. The Spring restoration plans include planting and moving plants, reinstalling the Granville Habitat sign from 2015, and making dramatic landscape changes to the school entry/exit drive. Ray Sherer and Chris Schneider are the volunteer master naturalist leads, partnering with HC education staff. (A good opportunity to see if you’re interested in contributing to future schools.)

We are excited about the NEW Granville Habitat Club! Fridays April 5 – May 10. Up to 20 students, grades 5-6. 3:15pm – 4:30pm. We will be building bird houses, customized tree stump-seats, and possibly bat houses. This will be a blend of education and hands-on learning. The Highlands Center and Granville Elementary are piloting this project. Ray Sherer and Chris Schneider are the volunteer master naturalist leads, partnering with HC education staff.

Please let us know if you are interested in volunteering! Very flexible, you select the dates/time/activities/or preferred grades. For those curious to learn more, or are ready to say YES to volunteering, please reach out to the Highlands Center.

Looking ahead to the 2024-2025 school year, we plan to build on the accomplishments of the last year and a half. Ray and Chris, along with Highlands Center staff, will be meeting with the Granville administration over the summer to collaborate and create our next evolution.

Cheers to the “seed of youth” that is in all of us. Ready to wonder, explore, and learn?
Chris and Ray